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Admission Process

Contact us

  • Call us to discuss your individual problem and ask any questions you may have about us or how we can help.
  • Once you have decided that you would like to arrange treatment with Leon House Health and Wellbeing, we agree an admission date

Agree an admission date

  • We agree an admission date for treatment; this should not be too far in the future. Most people are suffering when seeking treatment and would like to start immediately.
  • As we only have limited availability on the residential treatment programme, there may be some waiting times, however we can normally accommodate emergency admissions at shorter notice.

Admission to treatment

  • On the agreed date and time we will meet you at Leon House or collect you from your home or Manchester Airport if you are an International Client.  You will then meet your assigned therapist who will assist you for duration of your time with us.
  • We normally take our clients directly to have an initial medical assessment.


  • Directly upon admission, we start with a range of assessments: a psychiatric assessment, addiction assessment, a nutritional and lifestyle assessment.
  • Based on the assessments, our team, in co-operation with the client, establishes a detailed and individually tailored treatment plan for your stay with us.

Treatment program

  • Treatment starts on the first day and consists of some group and one-to-one therapy.


  • Upon completion of the treatment we normally suggest that you continue our aftercare programme, which will be explained to you by your dedicated therapist.