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Contact Us 01

Call us to discuss your problem and ask any questions you need to. Once you have decided that you would like to arrange treatment, we can agree on an admission date.

Admission Date 02

We agree on an admission date for treatment to commence as soon as possible. Emergency admissions can be accommodated at very short notice.

Treatment Admission 03

On your admission date, we will meet you at Leon House or arrange a private transfer for you. You will then meet your assigned therapist who will help and guide you during your treatment.

04 Assessments

Before your treatment begins, we conduct a range of assessments; psychiatric, addiction and nutritional and lifestyle. We then create a detailed and individual treatment plan for you based on the outcomes.

05 Treatment Program

Treatment starts on the first day and consists of a mixture of group and one-to-one therapy. You then have full access to all the facilities at Leon House throughout your stay.

06 Aftercare

Once your treatment is completed and you are ready to leave Leon House, we recommend that you continue onto our aftercare programme.

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