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Aftercare Services


Any treatment for addiction or mental health problems constitutes the beginning of a continuous recovery process. The weeks and months after leaving residential treatment can be difficult and there is a strong risk of relapse. Returning home to an environment with potential triggers should not be attempted without support. Engaging in an addiction therapy program is the first, though important, step towards recovery and living a happy and meaningful life. Aftercare and relapse prevention is important to ensure that our clients continue their recovery and maintain their wellbeing after returning home.

For this reason, we provide aftercare for recovering individuals, all delivered by experienced therapists. Ongoing individual, family and couple therapy are important means to strengthen a client’s recovery. The therapist assists the client to establish a recovery program in relaxed surroundings, adapt their lifestyle to their recovery and provides support to cope with cravings or other problems that may arise upon returning home.

We also offer remote supervision by our therapists, as well as continuous reviews of nutritional supplements and medication and optional physical health management. Aftercare is usually recommended for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the client’s individual wishes and needs.

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