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Dedicated Mental Health Care Services

Dedicated Mental Health Care Services

Cognacity is one of the UK’s leading providers of private mental health services, with headquarters in Central London and the Thames Valley supported by our large national network of  over 100 experienced clinicians.

Leon House Residential Rehabilitation Clinic treats a wide range of psychological disorders and addictions.

Our renowned team of doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors provide specialist care and support in complete privacy, identifying and treating the underlying causes that lead to mental health issues and addiction.

We make sure you have your own care team to give you full support throughout your treatment.

We delve beyond the surface of your condition to get to the root of the cause in order to give you long-lasting well-being.

Every patient is different, that’s why our staff adopt a unique approach to each situation to suit your needs.

At the initial consultation, patients receive a thorough assessment followed by a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. Further investigations may include blood tests, MRI brain scan, ECG & neuropsychological testing.


How We Treat

Leon House provides a full range of evidence-based treatments from the very latest medication to the best psychological therapies

Many of our therapists use integrated approaches adapted to the individual patient’s needs.

In rare cases where intensive treatment is needed, we can access private psychiatric facilities across the UK.


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