Nutritious Dining | Leon House Private Rehabilitation Clinic

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The on-site chef at our luxury rehab centre prepares nutritious meals for each of our clients according to their nutritional needs and dietary preferences. Our menus change every day, taking advantage of the freshest ingredients and with overall wellness in mind. Our chef and staff also use organic fruits and vegetables, as well as other locally-sourced ingredients, to create delicious dishes that heal the body and satisfy the soul. Many of our clients find cooking a relaxing and enjoyable activity; during off-hours, our luxury rehab features a nice kitchen, appointed with high-quality appliances, for 24-hour client use.

Nutritional Needs for a Holistic Recovery

Many people suffering from addiction ignore their nutritional needs while in recovery. Some clients, in fact, have nutrition-related health problems that consuming healthy foods can help address. Our staff develop a nutritional plan for each client that takes into account these issues as well as giving them the fuel they need to exercise, sustain their mood and feel stronger. We also accompany our clients to local markets so they can learn what foods will help them feel best. Nutrition education and cooking classes round out the experience at our luxury rehab centre, helping our clients feel satisfied during a challenging time.

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